Voice Of The Fan: Becoming a Fan
June 24, 2017 01:46 PM
The Dolphins have an international fan base and many of our supporters run web sites dedicated to covering and supporting their favorite team. Each week on "Voice of the Fan" we'll get their thoughts and opinions on a variety of Dolphins and NFL subjects.

This week's question: How and when did you first become a Dolphins fan?

Dave Buchler:

"I have been a diehard Miami Dolphins fan since the age of six. It's a foregone conclusion that the '72 team had a huge influence on me as a football fan and a Dolphins fan. The first thing that I did after I got my first real job after graduating from college was to purchase season tickets. I brag about the fact that I got to see Dan Marino play virtually every Sunday for those first nine years. In 1997, fellow Dolphins fans along with myself created You can still find us in the parking lot every Sunday at 9 a.m. prior to a home game!"

Tom Ernisse:

"Growing up, my family was a divided household when it came to football. Dad is a Packers fan, Mom supported the 49ers and my brother likes the Redskins. Since everyone was different, I also decided to be. Sept. 1, 1991 had me choose the Dolphins. Watching Dan Marino sling the ball all over the Bills (even though it was a loss) had me sold that Marino and the Dolphins were going to be my favorite team. It's 26 years and still a die-hard fan, and my passion will continue to grow. #FinsUp"

Dave Gray:

"It started on Dec. 2, 1985. My older brother, Jim: "The Dolphins are playing the Bears tonight." Me, 8 years old: "What are the Bears?" The rest is history."

Lisa Johnson:

"I was born a Dolphin fan. Growing up in Miami, my parents wouldn't have had it any other way. Going to games on Sunday was the family norm and that all changed for me that Monday night game when the undefeated Chicago Bears came to town. Never felt so much energy. I was 16 years old and have been hooked ever since."

Matt Kent:

"I became a fan when my older brothers were attending summer school in Homestead, Fla. back in the early 70s. Larry Little was assisting the physical education teacher, Mr. Robinson, who went to Bethune Cookman with him. My older brothers wanted to 'see Mr. Little play football.' That happened to be the beginning of the 70s Super Bowl run, so my family became hooked. Ever since then we have been a Miami Dolphins family from mom through all eight boys!"

Brian Miller:

"My father was stationed in Miami while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. I was born across the street from the Orange Bowl. My mother held me up to the window and said, "That is the Orange Bowl. The Dolphins play there. You WILL be a Dolphins fan!" That was the story I was given my whole life. The Dolphins are the only team I have ever followed."

Paul L. Picken, Jr.: On The FinSide

"Growing up in the heart of New England, I was brainwashed good and early in life by my dad, Paul Sr. He raised my Uncle Chad and me to be Dolphins fans, growing up on highlights from the 70s teams while I came into my own watching Dolphins greats like (Dan) Marino, (Mark) Clayton, (Mark) Duper, (John) Offerdahl and more through the 80s. Back then it was tough to get Dolphins games on TV up here, so he split season tickets to the Pats in order to be sure we got to see them play live up here every year. It's been a great experience being able to return the favor and share this with him him to various fan club events, etc. around the Northeast. I'm truly blessed to have been raised in a Dolphins household, despite living and being raised while nestled deep in the heart of Pats, Jets & Giants territory."

Chad Ronnebaum:

"Being a kid in Iowa required me to be resourceful Dolphins fan. I watched the 10-minute ticker and halftime updates to stay updated. I loved the team's uniforms and how they always seemed to find a way to win. I saw a lot pass, the retirements of Don Shula and Dan Marino, the coming and going of Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. Even though I have never been witness to a Super Bowl win. I will always be a lifelong Dolphins fan."

Chris Shashaty:

"I was born in 1965 and have literally grown up with the team. My uncle has been a Season Ticket Member from the start. My love affair began with the 1970s Miami Dolphins and the Orange Bowl, wearing my Bob Griese jersey to the games. With Championships and winning (I still have my championship pennant). With Rick Weaver and Henry Barrow and the Orange Bowl Express. With trips to St. Thomas University to watch practice with my dad on those hard, wonderful wooden bleachers. With Nat Moore's example how to properly play the game (I wore his number in high school).

Aaron Sutton: The Phinsider

"Growing up in southeast Ohio in the early 1980s, Ohio State was the resident football deity, and the NFL teams were mixed with the Browns, Bengals, and Steelers allegiances. My father started rooting for the Dolphins when Paul Warfield was traded to Miami. In 1988, when I was 5 years old, I met this guy, maybe you have heard of him: Dan Marino. He put his arm around me, my mom kissed him on the cheek and I got his autograph. I instantly liked the guy. I remember him throwing a 30-yard dart, and then turning around and yelling at his own offensive line. I'd never seen someone compete like that. My fandom has only increased with each successive season."

Ron Weiss: Ron's World Of Miami Dolphins

"It all started the year Dan Marino started with the Fins. I never looked back and have been a been a fan ever since. I house one of the largest Miami Dolphins collections in the United States. I own every game on DVD that has been played by Dan Marino, plus games from 1966 to the present."

Peter Whybrow: Dolfan UK

"I first started watching American football in 1984. I had an art project for school entitled "American Football" so I had to do some research to get some ideas. The first game I watched happened to be the Dolphins vs. the Jets at the Orange Bowl, a game in which the Dolphins won. I was intrigued. What was this sport? It was on UK television for an hour a week back then and I had never seen it before. It looked exciting, so I carried on watching highlight shows each week wanting to know more. Some quarterback by the name Dan Marino looked pretty good throwing the ball to the Marks Brothers. That is all I needed to know. I was a Dolphins fan!"

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