Voice Of The Fan: Training Camp Preview
July 21, 2017 01:08 PM
The Dolphins have an international fan base and many of our supporters run web sites dedicated to covering and supporting their favorite team. Each week on "Voice of the Fan" we'll get their thoughts and opinions on a variety of Dolphins and NFL subjects.

This week's question: What is the most important thing that needs to be accomplished in training camp?

James Anderson,

The two biggest areas I feel are of most importance are the offensive line, specifically the guards, and the defensive line tackles. Everything having to do with these two positions are important to see if the players slotted to fill those roles will develop. Isaac Asiata and Ted Larsen will try and lock down left guard and compete with Kraig Urbik. Newcomers Davon Godchaux and Vincent Taylor who will be trying to fill the third defensive tackle spot, that is if Jordan Phillips can show up enough to keep his spot. Phillips has had a history of not showing up even before making the team and has yet to shake that moniker.

Michael Brothers/Tyler Holwell,

One of the most important goals of training this year is team chemistry, especially regarding the offensive line. We all saw last year the difference between good o line play vs not so good o line play and if we are going to have continued success under Coach Gase it starts at the offensive line. Getting the right players in the right positions working as one cohesive unit is priority number one.

Tom Ernisee,

The most important thing that needs to be accomplished in training camp is finding third starting linebacker. We know Kiko Alonso and Lawrence Timmons are starting in two spots. With Alonso moving back to his original position at OLB and Timmons in the middle, the last linebacker spot is a huge question mark. After struggling mightily the last couple years against the run, I'm hoping one of these guys step up to solidify this unit as the third starter. McMillan should be that guy but Hewitt, Misi (if healthy) will challenge for sure. Coming away from camp with three healthy starters is a must and getting better depth is just as important.

Dave Gray,

The most important thing this training camp is: staying healthy. The Dolphins proved last year that they have the talent to compete with the best teams in the league. And while you want your players fine-tuned for the season opening, all of the talent and preparation in the world doesn't matter if you're not on the field when it matters.

Lisa Johnson,

Coach Gase need to open training camp with the petal to the metal. Continue off the success of last season. Fans will be expecting another strong playoff run. He needs to keep this team focused and heading in the right direction and keep these guys hungry.

Matt Kent, Phinzone

The most important thing this training camp is improving the defense. There are a lot of new pieces, including the defensive coordinator, that need to come together and improve the unit from last year. If the defense can become a top 10 unit, this team has the chance to not only make the playoffs, but advance into the later rounds.

Carl Leone, Bitchin' Dave's

Staying healthy is a must no matter what year it is. Our offensive line needs to get set, but the most important issue with our team is figuring out the linebacker corp. We seem to have 98 MLBs on the roster so who will actually play. Where and will Koa Misi even play at all? Can Kiko Alonzo or Raekwon McMillan move to the outside and can an 11-year veteran Lawrence Timmons, play well enough in a 4-3 as opposed to the 3-4 he played in at Pittsburgh. Lots of major questions.

Kevin Nogle, The Phinsider

Training camp has to be about getting the defense stout against the run and getting the offense to take the next step in adding to last year's scheme and going more up tempo. But, neither of those are the most important. This year, training camp has to be about getting healthy. Mike Pouncey's hip, Koa Misi's neck, even things like Reshad Jones' shoulder and Ryan Tannehill's knee have to be watched and rehabbed when needed. You also have players that dealt with injuries all season, including Xavien Howard and DeVante Parker that are going to play big roles this year. Health is critical to the Dolphins continuing to grow from last year's success.

Paul L. Picken, Jr., "On The FinSide"

This week was a tough question, as there are a lot of position battles to shake out as well as the need to see the true status of Ryan Tannehill's knee in game action and a few health concerns with other players such as Mike Pouncey. Despite that, the biggest thing that needs to be accomplished this training camp is for Devante Parker to continue to take that next step in his development that he's already begun to demonstrate without pads on this offseason. If Parker can truly take that next step this season that helps open up the entire offense with the "Big 3" at wide receiver combined with the weapons that the offense will field at running back and tight end. If Parker can become that commanding presence on the outside that he can be, it will only help the production of others across the offense in both the passing and rushing game and it will enable Miami to truly have a high-powered offense this season.

Chris Shashaty,

The most important thing to be accomplished at training camp will be building culture, chemistry, and trust on Defense. Together with new Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke and other staff changes, there could be as many as six new positional starters on opening day; this includes all three starting linebackers. There will also be new key situational contributors in the rotation. And even though the general defensive system is not expected to change, there will likely be some scheme adjustments to fit this season's talent. That's a lot of change to deal with in one offseason, especially for a rookie defensive coordinator. Bringing all of these elements together in time for opening day will be a challenging task.

Luis Sung,

Training camp is a less intense version of preseason, in that it's a preview of what is to come when the regular season rolls around. What needs to happen - more than anything else - is that the offensive line must come together and find chemistry so that when the season starts, the offense can flow smoothly. We've all gotten ample amounts of film showcasing exactly what happens to the offense when the offensive line isn't gelling. If the Dolphins want to repeat their success from last season, the offensive line must be firing on all cylinders. There will likely be some discord that can't be avoided due to the fact that Adam Gase seems intent on severely limiting Mike Pouncey's practice time. That seems to be a necessary step in order to ensure the team will put the best five players out on the field. Make no mistake, even with his health concerns, no center on the team is anywhere close to Pouncey, and that makes a very distinct - and noticeable - difference.

Gino Vitale,

The most important thing that I think needs to be accomplished at training camp is finding the right combinations of player rotation on defense that can stop the run. On offense, it's plugging in the right players on the line who can gel together. The offensive line play dictates all.

Ron Weiss, Ron's World Of Miami Dolphins

Real simple: No injuries.

Peter Whybrow, Dolfan-UK

Some would argue that establishing the one's and two's for the offensive-line is imperative, and it is definitely up there, but they managed to get by last year. The biggest problem is getting the back-ups on the defensive front up to speed, because behind the starters there has to be concern. If Ndamukong Suh gets injured, what will happen as he plays 85 percent of defensive snaps? Behind him, all the players have combined for a total of 59 total tackles and 42 of those are by Jordan Phillips. If Cam Wake starts showing his age or gets tinged up then Charles Harris will see more playing time, but then what? William Hayes will see increased time while playing to stop the run and subbing with Andre Branch, but behind them is Terence Fede and a list of rookies and second-year players. Let's hope that everybody stays healthy.​

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